You Will Comply: The Rise of the Totalitarian Left

You Will Comply: The Rise of the Totalitarian Left

King Obama has decreed: biology is banned in our public schools. In doing so, His Highness is following the sacred words of the Holy Order of the Supreme Court, “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” Liberty also includes, apparently, the right to define whether you have girl parts or boy parts. Just when we thought the lunacy of the Left couldn’t get any more insane, they find ways to impress us with their madness.

Of course, the Left’s insanity isn’t something new – it’s been redefining existence for decades, declaring things such as a human baby isn’t a baby; and marriage is a union between a man and a man or a woman and a woman; heck, even a man and a fire hydrant if that’s what you’re into! Proponents of such ideas in previous ages would have been confined to small rooms with no sharp edges. But today they have become mainstream. How has this happened? How can so many rational people hold to such clearly irrational beliefs? The answer: totalitarianism.

Your Every Thought Will be Controlled

Of course, wacky ideas from political movements are nothing new. Over the ages lots of fringe groups have advocated ideas that were outside the mainstream. Sometimes, through efforts of persuasion and acts of disobedience to the prevailing authority such ideas became mainstream. Most, however, are relegated to the trashbin of history. But it is neither efforts of persuasion or acts of disobedience that have led to the mainstreaming of warped Leftist views of sexuality. No, they have been decreed from on high, with no toleration for dissent in action, word, or even thought. You must comply, citizen. Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud.

Now, now, you know those thoughts aren't allowed.

Now, now, you know those thoughts aren’t allowed.

Consider the issue of “gay marriage.” Just a few years ago (which seems like ages now), Leftist presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama agreed marriage should be restricted to its traditional definition of a union between one man and one woman. Today, however, such a belief is branded bigotry by mainstream culture, and will be crushed in the inevitable march to be on “the right side of history.” Someone who holds to a belief today that less than a decade ago was uncontroversial is now considered more reprehensible than a KKK member. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

We now see the same process in the push for “transgender” acceptance. These poor souls, like Bruce Jenner, who obviously need psychological help, are instead fodder in the latest battle to redefine reality. Simply expressing the belief (not really a belief, but a fact) that those born with a Y chromosome are male and those born without one are female has become unacceptable thought, worthy of denunciation and accusations of bigotry. Further, the power of the State is now moving in to punish such thoughts. And in true totalitarian fashion, laws are issued not out of some form of democratic process, but instead by “executive order,” an action that under Barack Obama has become equivalent to a medieval royal decree or a Soviet diktat.

The Irony of a Totalitarian Left

The irony of this current state of affairs is that for years the Left has warned of the imminent rise of a Totalitarian Right. Any day now, we are told, a right-wing Christian theocrat will take over the White House, and gays will be jailed, women seeking abortions will be hunted down, and atheism will be illegal.

The Hollywood Bogeyman

The Hollywood Bogeyman

A few years ago the movie “V for Vendetta” earnestly expressed this fear. Set in the near future in England, a Christian conservative has become a dictator of a totalitarian state; i.e., the future that Hollywood believes is right around the corner. Christianity is ruthlessly “enforced,” and any dissenters are hunted down mercilessly. One scene, however, is unintentionally comical. A member of the underground resistance has collected a number of banned objects, including a Koran, which is mentioned prominently in the film. Of course, in the real world Muslim countries are the most totalitarian, actually executing gays and imprisoning anyone who dares oppose Islam. In the fevered dreams of the Left, Muslims are seen as fellow persecuted minorities, while in actuality the Left and Islam are totalitarian bedfellows.

People Want to Be Accepted

The Leftist totalitarian thought police take their toll on the average citizen. After all, no one wants to be considered a bigot. By continuing to change the cultural goalposts, and attacking anyone who dares to challenge them, the Left makes any dissent not simply another side of a reasonable political debate, but a cultural mortal sin.

Such a relentless campaign to squash any unacceptable beliefs has its impact – people hesitate to express themselves, for fear of social or even financial reprisals, and eventually the typical person simply accepts the view being pushed by Leftist elites. Not because they have thought it out and come to the same conclusion, but simply because that’s what everyone thinks now.

Exploiting America’s Original Sin

In executing their reshaping of reality, the Left has exploited America’s greatest sin: racism. Our past includes terrible crimes against African Americans, including slavery followed by decades of discrimination and bigotry. Such crimes against humanity have long-lasting consequences on the soul of a nation. The guilt inspired by this history has made it so there is no greater cultural crime today in America than to be considered a “bigot.”

You MUST accept that these are the same!

You MUST accept that these are the same!

However, what was truly a sin – discriminating based on race – has now been extended beyond its legitimate application. Now any form of simply distinguishing between people – such as men and women – is considered unacceptable discrimination. And people who wish to do such distinguishing are considered modern day Jim Crows. This cultural heritage has a profound impact on the average American, who knows our history and doesn’t want to repeat it. Who is really going to speak up on an issue when he knows that doing so might classify him as a bigot within the culture? It takes significant moral strength to simply acknowledge the obvious anymore.

Resisting the Totalitarian Left

Yet moral strength is exactly what is needed against the Totalitarian Left. They would no longer allow us to state the obvious, such as:

  • An unborn baby is a human being, deserving of the same respect and protection as any human being.
  • Marriage is reserved to a man and a woman.
  • One is either male or female based on biology, not self-identification.

Today such commonsense statements are ostracized by the Left as unacceptable thoughts that need to be punished. Will we comply with their demands, allowing reality to be redefined based on whims and psychological pathologies? Or will we resist the Totalitarian Left?