A Brief History of the Catholic Church Since 1962

A Brief History of the Catholic Church Since 1962


Hierarchy: This Council will spread the Gospel better and bring many into the Church!
Laity: Hurrah!


Hierarchy: Now that the Council is over, we’ll start making changes that will bring many into the Church! Don’t worry, though, they won’t be big changes—you won’t lose the things you love about the Faith.
Laity: Sounds good—Hurrah!


Laity: It doesn’t seem like many people are coming into the Church—in fact, some are starting to leave.
Hierarchy: Don’t worry, now we have a whole new liturgy, so they will start flocking in soon!
Laity: Um, okay, hurrah? But I thought you said there wouldn’t be big changes…


Laity: People are still leaving.
Hierarchy: That’s just because we haven’t fully implemented the whole spirit of the Council. Once that happens, then they will flock to us.
Laity: I guess… (Looking at the exit)


Laity: Now my sister has left the Church too – when are the Council’s changes going to help?
Hierarchy: You will see a New Springtime for the Church, because now we’re really going to implement the Council right!
Laity: That doesn’t really make any sense…


Laity: Two of my kids have now left the Church. This doesn’t seem to be working.
Hierarchy: Nonsense! Just give it time!
Laity: (Grumbling)


Hierarchy: Okay, perhaps we didn’t do things perfectly since the Council. We’re going to reform this reform.  
Laity: Well, that sounds reasonable, let’s see how that goes. Can’t be worse that what we have now.


Hierarchy: This next century is really going to be a revival for Catholicism. And don’t worry about anything going on behind closed rectory doors…
Laity: Wait – Why did you just say that?


Laity: (Grabbing pitchforks and torches and heading to the chancery)
Hierarchy: Don’t worry, our lawyers…um, we…have everything under control! This is fine!


Hierarchy: Maybe we didn’t implement the Council as well as we should. Perhaps doing things like before the Council isn’t terrible.
Laity: Sounds good, we’ll look into that.


Hierarchy: Actually, never mind, the Council was great and we need to embrace the world to evangelize it!
Laity: Wait, what?


Laity: You know, I don’t think the Council actually helped very much; maybe it even hurt things.
Hierarchy: Heretic! You are the reason the New Springtime didn’t happen! Away with you!