New Podcast!

New Podcast!

I’ve started a podcast!

My plans are to put up about two episodes a week. I’ll discuss the same topics I cover in my writings: Catholicism, technology, culture, and baseball. My guess is about half the episodes will cover Catholic topics, and the rest my other areas of interest. I’m keeping each episode to 10 minutes so that they are easy to listen to (and easy to produce).

My latest episode is titled What is the Old Evangelization? – I give a definition of “Old Evangelization” and discuss how it differs from the New Evangelization we hear so much about. I’ve already done episodes on Bitcoin and the 7 Myths of Catholic Evangelization, and have plans for episodes on why people leave the Church, my favorite baseball players, and how the liturgy impacts evangelization.

You can listen to the podcast on my website, or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Just search on “Swimming Upstream” and look for my radio-face.