Hand-Made Rosaries for Sale

Hand-Made Rosaries for Sale

How would you like a hand-made Rosary to brighten your day or someone else’s? My wife has been making Rosaries for some time, and is now offering them for sale. These sturdy Rosaries hold up well to use by young children.


  • $6/Rosary for 1 or 2 rosaries  + $2 Flat-rate Shipping
  • $5/Rosary for orders of 3-5 rosaries + $3 Flat-rate Shipping
  • $4/Rosary for orders of 6 or more + $4 Flat-rate Shipping

Further Details:


  1. Shades of faith
  2. Our Lady of Guadalupe (colors of her garments)
  3. Bread of life
  4. Knights of Our Lady
  5. Fire of love SOLD OUT
  6. Shamrock SOLD OUT
  7. Blessed Mother blue SOLD OUT
  8. Ocean sunset
  9. Blue ombre
  10. Sonrise
  11. Pansy mix
  12. Rose ombre
  13. Veronica