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Free anti-virus software for all!
Is this man any crazier than Donald Trump?

Is this man any crazier than Donald Trump?

Speaking of third-parties, John McAfee is running for president under his newly formed “Cyber Party.” McAfee is the founder of his namesake company that produces antivirus software (he hasn’t been with them in years, however). More recently he is better known being a fugitive from Belize authorities for suspected murder and all-around suspected loon.

McAfee seems to be focusing his campaign on the rise of the Surveillance State:

“We are losing privacy at an alarming rate — we have none left,” McAfee said. ” We’ve given up so much for the illusion of security and our government is simply dysfunctional.”

McAfee said the desire to respond to terrorist attacks had opened citizens up to excessive surveillance.

“The government can spy on people using their mobile phones while they’re with their wives and husbands,” McAfee said.

He added that the U.S. government is simply dysfunctional and “lacks an understanding of the basic technology that runs the world.”

You know what is crazy? That this crazy guy actually makes some sense, and that he isn’t the worst – or craziest – candidate running. Yes, I know he has no chance of winning, and likely no chance to even get 1% of the vote, but the fact that he isn’t the worst candidate says more about the field than it does about McAfee.

Here is how I would rank the candidates currently, with John McAfee included:

Top Choice

    1. Rand Paul

Would vote for in general election if nominated

    1. Bobby Jindal
    2. Ted Cruz
    3. Marco Rubio
    4. Scott Walker
    5. Rick Perry
    6. Ben Carson
    7. Rick Santorum
    8. Carly Fiorina
    9. Mike Huckabee
    10. Jeb Bush

Might not vote for, even if nominated:

  • John McAfee
  • John Kasich
  • Jim Gilmore
  • Chris Christie
  • Lindsey Graham


Would definitely not vote for if nominated:


  • Martin O’Malley
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump


So I say, the more the merrier: run, John, run!