Trump and Third-Parties

Can you trust this man?

Can you trust this man?

Recently, Donald Trump signed the “GOP loyalty pledge,” agreeing to support whatever candidate is the Republican nominee for President and promising not to run as a third-party candidate if he doesn’t get the GOP nod.

There was a lot of worry among the Republican establishment that if Trump ran a third-party campaign he would have the “Perot effect” on the election, throwing it to the Democratic candidate. However, what many haven’t considered is that if Trump is the GOP nominee, there will be those conservatives who refuse to vote for him and vote third-party instead.

Count me among them.

I will not vote for Donald Trump for President. Period. End of story. There is nothing that will sway me otherwise. I’m aware of the problem with voting third-party. Although I reject the “if you don’t vote GOP, you are voting Democrat” line, I do understand the politics involved – every vote that is not cast for the GOP candidate helps, in some way, the Democrat candidate, who will be pro-big-government, pro-abortion, pro-everything I stand against. Yet there has to be a line, in which one’s conscience will not allow one to vote for a certain candidate, no matter who is opposing him. Trump crosses that line for me.

My main problem with Trump is that he is fundamentally unstable. You have no idea what he believes or what he will do tomorrow. A major component of this instability is that he is unprincipled – he is not necessarily “Big Government” or “Small Government,” he is just “Whatever Trump Wants Government.” Although I fundamentally don’t trust any politician at this level, Trump is actually able to pull off being more untrustworthy than even Hillary Clinton. Now that is an impressive feat. If President, Trump would most likely be a disaster in foreign policy, and domestically, he would use the power of the Presidency to advance whatever agenda he felt like advancing that morning. This is not a recipe for moving our country in the right direction.

Of course I don’t want Hillary to win. Of course I don’t want Bernie to win. Of course I don’t want Ol’ Joe to win. However, I don’t want The Donald to win either. So if Trump is the nominee, consider me a third-party voter in 2016.