5 Takeaways from the Dash Hong Kong Statement

5 Takeaways from the Dash Hong Kong Statement

The movie Braveheart depicts William Wallace leading a Scottish rebellion against the English. After some initial but small successes, the Scottish nobles squabble among themselves over minor issues like land titles and rights of succession. Wallace confronts the nobles and declares he’s going to invade England itself—a seemingly impossible task.

I was reminded of this scene when reading Dash founder Evan Duffield’s Hong Kong Statement. Having initially scored some small successes against the reigning fiat-money system, the Bitcoin community now squabbles over things like SegWit, 2MB block sizes, and Lightning Network. But Duffield wants to “invade England” and challenge the whole fiat payments system. You can’t criticize the Dash founder for being timid, to be sure.

I’ve only just begun to digest the Hong Kong Statement, but for now I want to focus on five takeaways in particular.

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