2019 Hall of Fame Wrap-Up

2019 Hall of Fame Wrap-Up

Thankfully the Hall of Fame season is over. We know we’re in the depth of the baseball offseason when grown men are yelling at each other about the merits and demerits of former players’ HOF chances.

This year’s class, however, leaves little to complain about. Sure, I would have rather had my favorite player, Ken Griffey, Jr., as the first unanimous pick (and when that didn’t happen, I was holding out hope that it would be Mike Trout), but it’s hard to complain that it was one of the true class-acts of baseball, Mariano Rivera. But each of the four candidates were deserving, and I was especially pleased that Mike Mussina got in.

What’s always interesting, however, is who doesn’t get in. Of course, the voters are still keeping the two huge, steroid-inflated elephants out of the room—Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

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