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Out of the Cryptocurrency Sandbox

Our kids used to have a sandbox in the backyard. One day two of my young daughters were in the sandbox, and they started to fight over a toy pail. Although there were plenty of other toys both in the sandbox and strewed throughout the yard, all that mattered to the girls was gaining possession of that cheap pink pail. Because they couldn’t agree on who would get it first, I simply took it away from both of them, and within minutes they were happily playing with something else.

The cryptocurrency community sometimes reminds me of my daughters fighting over that pink pail, but with no parents to step in. If you go to a crypto forum or subreddit, you will see constant bickering over the same issues, and fighting for the same prize: being king of the insular cryptocurrency community. Those who are immersed in these online communities can’t see outside of them. You see this most prominently when a new cryptocurrency is introduced. This occurrence is sure to result in two predictable reactions.

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