Gary Johnson

A Conservative Christian Case for Gary Johnson

The 2016 presidential election is a mess. Following the campaign feels like reading a dystopian novel: sure, it can be entertaining, but it leaves you depressed at the end.

For the conservative Christian, in particular, this year’s choices are abysmal. The Democratic Party, topping off decades of hostility to conservative Christians, put forward a candidate in Hillary Clinton whom conservative Christians consider a shade worse than the anti-Christ. The Republican Party, which usually treats conservative Christians like Democrats treat African-Americans – count on ‘em for votes, but don’t take them seriously when enacting policy – actually came close this year to nominating the most conservative Christian candidate in recent memory. Instead, the GOP selected a thrice-married casino-owning egomaniac who has bragged about his adulterous affairs and has a long history of supporting liberal causes and candidates. So what should the conservative Christian do now?

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