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  • God With Us

    God With Us

    In modern times some scholars argue that Jesus never c​laimed​ to be God, and that the first Christians didn’t believe he was God. The teaching that Jesus is God was a later one, they argue. Some say the belief originated with the Gospel of John, commonly thought to be written around sixty years after the death of Jesus. Others say the divinity of Jesus was a teaching invented at the Council of Nicea three centuries after the time of Jesus. But they agree that the Synoptic Gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—don’t claim divinity for Christ.

    In this short ebook, I show how one of the Synoptics—the Gospel of Matthew—clearly demonstrates the divinity of Jesus.

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  • On Deposing Popes: A Historical Review

    The growing discontent toward Pope Francis from all quarters has led to increasing whispers of a question unheard in centuries: “Is it possible to depose the pope?”

    This is not an easy question to answer. If you look at the history of what the Church has taught on this subject as well as the actual record of possible papal depositions, you get a confusing set of often conflicting opinions, actions, and teachings.

    I decided to examine that history in more detail in this free booklet. I believe this is a valuable resource for Catholics as we grapple with difficult questions facing us today.

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