Speaking Engagements
Over the last 15 years I have addressed thousands of people in groups large and small - men's conferences, parish Bible studies, pre-cana conferences, parish missions, ecumenical gatherings - about a wide range of Catholic topics. You can choose from one of my standard talks:

  • Who is Jesus Christ? Getting to know the Lord in the Catholic Church
  • Pope Benedict has emphasized the need for Catholics to draw close to the person of Christ. He has said that intimate friendship with Jesus is that "on which everything depends." In this talk I emphasize the multitude of ways in which we can draw closer to Christ in the Catholic Church. Some of these ways include:
    - Sacraments: we meet Jesus directly
    - Scripture: the Word of God written leads us to the Word of God incarnate
    - Tradition: follow the path to Christ laid down to us by our forefathers
    - Sacramentals: see how our physical world leads us closer to Christ
    Christ instituted the Catholic Church in order to draw us into intimate communion with him. Come hear how to deepen your relationship with Christ in the Catholic Church!
  • Encountering Christ in the Scriptures - Reading the Bible Spiritually
  • The Catholic Church has a rich tradition of reading and meditating upon the Bible. In this talk I walk through the steps to read the Bible as the Church reads it.
  • Evangelize! (Without being a Street Preacher)
  • Most Catholics are deathly afraid of evangelization, but every follower of Christ is called to evangelize their family and friends. In this talk I give practical advice on how to evangelize the Catholic way!
  • From Ignorance to Bliss - the story of my conversion
  • Jesus Christ has touched my life in many ways and the way I'm most grateful for is his leading me into the Catholic Church. Hear the story of my conversion from Evangelical Protestantism into the Catholic Church.
  • Dissecting Islam
  • Islam is prominent in the news today - how are Catholics to respond? In this talk I explore the origins of Islam, the role of violence in Islam, the similarities and differences between Catholicism and Islam, and how Catholics should respond to the growth of Islam.

    Interested in another topic? Just ask.

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    Hear my conversion story on The Journey Home

    Principles of Catholic Evangelization - talk to Diocese of Venice Men's Conference 2012

    A sample of talks I have given recently:

  • The Necessity of Jesus for Salvation
    A talk on the doctrine that "There is no salvation in any other name than Jesus"

  • The Necessity of the Catholic Church for Salvation
    A talk on the doctrine that "Outside the Church there is no salvation"

  • The Formation of the Canon
    How did we get the Bible? A talk on the importance of the Catholic Church in the formation of Sacred Scripture

  • The Gospel of Matthew
    An overview of the Gospel of Matthew's portrayal of Jesus Christ.

  • Dissecting Islam
    A talk given to a group of college Catholics and Muslims



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