Who is Jesus Christ?

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Christ’s contemporaries ascribed to him many names and titles, as we see recorded in the New Testament. Each one tells us something different about who Jesus is. With references from Church Fathers, the saints and Doctors of the Church, Sammons unlocks the multiple dimensions of Christ so we may better recognize and welcome Him in our lives.

Published by Our Sunday Visitor

“Who is Jesus Christ? Unlocking the Mystery in the Gospel of Matthew is a very serious and well-thought-out attempt to teach us once again just who is being proclaimed in the Gospel of Saint Matthew. It is a slow, steady journey through this Gospel, a journey that pauses over and over again to examine in a thoughtful and prayerful way the names and titles given to our Lord in this Gospel.”
– Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.

“This volume exemplifies what the world Synod of Bishops recently called for: sound biblical resources that help people encounter Christ, the Word made flesh, in the reading of Scripture.”
– Mary Healy, Ph.D., General Editor, Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

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