Are Only Catholics Going to Heaven?

Answering a most common question

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Our Task

Does this mean that we should not encourage others to become Catholic? Absolutely not - we as Catholics should continue in the work of evangelization. We know in full confidence that being a Catholic and following Christ in the Catholic Church is a sure path to salvation; thus, we should desire that all people come to join Christ's Church here on earth. Christ himself commanded us to preach the good news to all nations (cf. Matthew 28:19-20), and no Catholic is exempt from this commission. Thus, to be Catholic means to be an evangelizer.

While talking to Maria, I found that her husband would often go to our parish's Eucharistic Adoration chapel to meditate while she went to daily Mass. He would tell her that "there is a peaceful presence there." I told her to continue to pray for her husband and evangelize him, knowing that the Presence he encounters in that chapel desires his salvation even more than she does. She and all of us who pray for loved ones who are not Catholic should do so with hope in God's mercy and love.
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