From Ignorance to Bliss

My Journey to the Catholic Church

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"Eye has not seen..."

Looking back over fifteen years since that decision, I can see how much God writes straight with crooked lines. I desired to join a church which had a perfect record in teaching the Gospel; He led me to His family. I wanted to be intellectually satisfied with my church; He opened up intellectual horizons I never dreamed possible while overwhelming me spiritually through the sacraments. My attempts to find a church home were small and inadequate - I didn't know what I was looking for and didn't know how to find it. Yet God understood my ignorance and intervened to direct me to the rich intellectual and sacramental life of the Catholic Church. He gently guided me along a path that led to so much more than I could have imagined. I realize now that, like my roommate warned me, I really didn't know what I got myself into that Sunday I first prayed the Rosary, but it far surpasses what I expected. After all my searching, I can say one thing for sure: I am home.
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